FAQ & Help

What makes your transfers diffrent? 

We use Lead Free Korean Rhinestones and Rhinestuds with Commercial  grade strong glue,sometimes we use MCE brand rhinestone if customer need more shinning. We also use Silicone Tape so that the stones and studs won't move in shipping.  

How long can we store our transfers? 
We use Silicone tape so that the transfers can be stored longer. If you store them in climate controlled room and make sure they are flat they will be fine for up to a year.  Heat or Humidity will affect the glue, shorting the length that they can be stored.   Make sure that you store them in a cool dry place.

What if I see a design I like but want a different color? 
We have our own rhinestone equipment so that is no problem. Make sure you put the color change in Special Instructions when Placing the order online as and let us know the design and color and we will let you know the turnaround and cost. but for some special color just like rose,pink,peach,the price will be a little change  

When will my transfers ship? 
If you placed an order for our stock rhinestone and rhinestud tranfers orders ship within 24 hours . If you place an order before noon they will ship the next day. If you placed an order on Monday at 11:59 or before it would ship Tuesday. If you placed your order at 12:01 on Monday it would ship Wednesday. If you placed an order for a custom Transfers please read below. 

When will my custom order ship? 

Most custom Transfers ship 3 - 4 business days . 

How do I order a custom rhinestone transfer? 

pls send us your request details to Email box: foksy@foksycrystal.com. You may send us any designs that you like even we don't have it on line,we will reply you very soon.

How do I apply a custom transfer?

Our rhinestone tranfers use a commercial grade glue you must use a heat press to apply designs to your garment. You will get even heat and pressure throughout the design Application Instructions:

For standard 100% Cotton Shirt
Heat Press temperature at 345 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heat Press pressure at medium to heavy.
Remove the white backing from transfer.
Place the transfer face up on fabric.
Press directly onto the clear (heat-resistant) film.
Press for 8 to 10 seconds.
Let cool for1 minute then slowly peel off plastic.
Press again for 5 seconds.

I don't have a heat press. Can you apply my design for me?

Yes, we offer in house design application for custom designs there is a minimal fee. Just contact us with the transfer type and garment you want it applied to. We will do the rest. Or you can use the house iron to apply, it is very easy.

What type rhinestones do you use?

We use a commercial grade rhinestone and rhinestud glue. The rhinestones have serveral facets that make for an incrediable sparkle and the rhinestone will outlast the apparel.

What is a rhinestud?

Rhinestuds are a metallic, however, they are faceted to take on the shape of a rhinestone or crystal. They do sparkle. 

How do I care for my design?

Wash inside out. Dry on low heat. 

How long will my stones last?

The Stones will last the life of the garment. 

Do you have a minimum? 

Our site has no a min,but if you order more than 150usd, we will make shipping free. 

What about my privacy? 

Your information is not shared with any one. We do not sell your information and we will not share you information with any other company. 

What about Returns and Refunds? 

We do not offer refunds on stock or custom rhinestones designs. We Will send you a digital proof to approve and price before we run your custom job.